Episode 108 In Soviet Russia Plant Eats Your Ear!

This week. We take a look at a old news article about a plant that delivers electric shocks and meat eating plants. Want to talk to your pets? You might be able to soon. Two Russian guys cut off their ears in a arm wrestling match. A fake psychic steals millions of dollars. The last words of Serial killers as they are put to death and a few other odds and ends.



Greetings fellow Archivists! This week we return to the Ramble cast format and cover some truly weird news. We take a look at a man killed by a “Atomic Wedgie”, Bigfoot is alive and well in Michigan and stealing all the Pizza’s, A woman uses her Vagina as a gun holster in a argument over aliens,Human Body parts fall from the sky in Saudi. A man gets stuck in a washing machine playing hide and go seek,Police search for a Swiss cheese pervert, Why are master chess players jumping to their deaths? Its raining dead bats hallelujah!!! The Vatican is looking for a few good Exorcists, a Woman finds the wrong persons body in her dead mothers casket and Biblical Jackass! Man dies while trying to walk on water in front of his congregation another makes his flock eat grass while he stomps on them!



Links from the show!

Police Search for Alleged ‘Swiss Cheese Pervert’


‘Atomic wedgie’ murder case: Oklahoma man accused of suffocating stepfather with his own underwear


Bigfoot Is Wandering Michigan Man’s Property And Eating Pizza, He Claims In Police Report

Cormac McCarthy’s Ex-Wife Uses Vagina As Gun Holster

Human body parts ‘fall from sky’ in Saudi




Naked washing machine man felt reborn







Pestaño: Man kills self to play chess in afterlife





Raining dead BATS! 100,000 rotting carcasses fall from the sky and die during blistering heatwave in Australia



Rise of the Exorcists




Woman Finds Wrong Body in Mother’s Casket at NJ Funeral Home

Pastor Tries to Walk on Water Like Jesus, Then Drowns in Front of His Congregation

South African Pastor Makes Members Eat Grass 


This week we lean back towards the world of ghost hunting and the paranormal. Paranormal investigator and author Mari Chastain (and her two Guinea pigs) join us to talk about everything wrong with the world of ghost hunting and the Paranormal. We talk conventions, meet ups, Parapolitics, skepticism and people who are just a bit too wrapped up in everything.

A bit about Mari.


AboutMari (Mary) Chastain was born and raised in Southern Oregon. At the age of 19 that she moved to the East Coast where she currently resides.

As a child she loved everything about the paranormal and mysteries of the unknown. She would bring home every book on true stories of hauntings, the Bermuda Triangle, UFO’s and Cryptids that she could get her hands on. She used to scare herself so much with these books that she would be terrified to go to sleep at night. Her mom forbade her from bringing the books home anymore so she made due with sitting in her elementary school library and reading there.

Mari remembers some of the silly rituals she had as a child to avoid being attacked by ghosts and monsters. She never walked up to her bed at night, rather would take a running leap from the edge of her room so that her feet weren’t exposed to any ghostly, ghoulish, hands reaching out from under the bed (this ritual wasn’t needed during the day time). When sleeping all stuffed animals had to be under the covers with her so that the ghosts wouldn’t steel them. When under the covers they would protect her, but for some reason wouldn’t be able to if they were outside of her blankets.

Decades later Mari became a Ghost Hunter. She fell in love with Ghost Hunting and never turned back. She has investigated dozens of locations with several ghost hunting groups throughout the years. This has allowed her to create a vast network of friends within the field, all of whom are valuable resource for knowledge as well as some of the best friends she has ever kept in her company. It is with several of these friends that Mari hunts with in her current group, MD Paranormal.

Mari combined her love of the paranormal with her desire to share something special with her niece and nephews and came up with the idea for Doodlebug and Laser; Ghost Hunters. Doodlebug and Laser are her real puppies and their personalities are reflected in these characters.


Find more from Mari Chastain at the links below:







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Episode 105 Curses And Soothsayers. Welcome back and happy 2014!

In this week’s show We sit down for a impromptu chat about Roman Curse Tablets. This leads us on a conversation to how curses work, Soothsayers and 10 crazy sports team curses. We bounce all over but it’s a fun and interesting show.



Well it’s been a fun year for P.A. We cracked 100 episodes and did some really cool shows. As always at this time of year, we release our “behind the scenes” show of the things that get left out or are dropped at the very end of the episodes. This is kind of our way of saying thank you to all our loyal fans who have stuck with us every show. Yes we take what we do serious but not so serious that we can’t have a good laugh at ourselves. As always this is what goes on “When the microphones are off” or are just to screwed up to get past Roejens high standards of what our show should be . This is the show where we can laugh at what we have done with everyone else. The show where mistakes and stupidity take center stage.

We can never say it enough to you guys, Thank you all for showing up every week and listening to us. Thank you all for being fans of what we do and “Getting it”.  We do this because we know you’re out there and we know your listening. We do this because we love what we do and we love you people.

Thank you all. See you in 2014

PA Brian



Episode 104 Angels and Demons and578258_10200481726475667_860929543_n Biblical fan fiction with Pastor Recoil.

Welcome back everyone for what could be our last new show of 2013. In this episode Pastor Recoil from The Transmissions From The Bunker drops in to get all the biblicals on us.  We talk about Angels, Demons, Satan, The Nephilim and varies other bible topics. No, this is not a preachy episode nor is it a slam religion show either but we do cover a lot of ground in only the way Pastor recoil can. Happy Holidays everyone and enjoy!

Find Transmissions at their web sight at :






Episode 103  “The other Mister Lovecraft” with David Acord

Welcome back Archivists! In this extended show we speak with author David Acord about his research on the strange life and death of Fredrick Lovecraft.  During the recording of this show, we experienced some pretty crazy audio glitches with Skype and our recording program, the first 15 min of the interview sounds pretty rough so please excuse the quality. Big big thanks to David for coming back on the show and re-recording the interview for us. Check out David’s Bio below.

David Acord is the author of When Mars Attacked: Orson Welles, The War of the Worlds and the Radio Broadcast That Changed America Forever.




The Other Mr. Lovecraft: A True Story of Tragedy and the Supernatural From H.P. Lovecraft’s Family Tree




David is an accomplished author and veteran Washington, D.C. journalist. He spent more than a decade covering complex federal regulations in the nation’s capitol for various business publications. He also served as managing editor and editor-in-chief, respectively, for two international business publishing firms. He is currently the director of communications and executive editor for a national trade association in the D.C. area.

David Acord is also the author of What Would Lincoln Do? Lincoln’s Most Inspired Solutions to Challenging Problems and Difficult Situations (Sourcebooks, 2008) and Success Secrets of Sherlock Holmes: Life Lessons from the Master Detective (Penguin Perigee, 2011). He lives in Arlington, Virginia.


David received his BFA from Arkansas Tech University in 1993 and his MFA in English from Penn State University in 1996.



5 Turkey Death Punch and Human Cheese!


Welcome back for episode 102. Our totally not planned Thanksgiving show. This week we have a very chatty opening then we take a look at some basic Thanksgiving history, We look at 5 crazy Turkey variants Tofurkey does not count! The Snoz Berries really do taste like Snoz Berries, Cheese made from human bacteria, World record set for eating Twinkies and what is the filling of a Twinkie really made from anyways? and The lost art of “Scatomancy”.



Episode 101 Kidney Thieves and Urban Legends with Ben Radford

Welcome back for episode 101. This week, long time friend of the show Ben Radford returns to the show to talk about Urban Legends. We talk about all the good ones from Disney’s frozen head, Kidney thieves, Dead hookers under Hotel beds and other Urban Legends. From there we discuss how Urban legends are modern Folklore and how these stories are retold all over the world. We look at a few legends that are true and then we talk about the process of Ostention.


Bens Web sight:





Episode 100

Welcome to our 100th show. In this episode we read a few strange news stories and take a look back, listen to some voice mails and take a few Skype calls from listeners that have been with us since day 1. Thank you to everyone for taking this ride with us. Here’s to hopefully many more shows to come

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