Nov 092015

This week we have a 5 person round discussion about “The War On Science” Article published in the March 2015 issue of National Geographic. Our Round table group contained Dr Tyler Kokjohn, Jack Brewer from The UFO trail blog and Jeff Ritzmann formerly of Paratopia and Paranormal Way Point. We cover the topics of Climate change deniers, Hoax Moon landings, Anti vaxers,  UFOlogy (of course) The control of information and how people believe what they believe as well as a wide range of other related topics.  This show clocks in at almost 2 hours!



Click links below :



The UFO Trail






 The War On Science 

National Geographic Is Now Owned by a Climate Change Denier

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Nov 022015

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This week we do things a bit different. We are joined by Guest Sam LaPoint who wrote a short and interesting article on about his time as a Freemason. I do a solo interview with Sam to talk about his time as a Mason, what he learned, Why he walked away and what he feels Masonry needs to do to survive. After the interview I am joined by Lobo and returning show guest and close friend David Gurzynski to talk about Sams experiences.

This show is not for everyone and does run a bit long


Sam LaPoint is a freelance writer and has wrote for  for Disinfo,, and runs the Occultum web sight.



Links can be found Bellow .

What I’ve learned as a Freemason and why I left the order



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Oct 252015

Our 2015 Pumpkin spice Halloween episode!! This year we take a look at Witches Familiars and familiar spirits, Why we carve Pumpkins instead of the Irish tradition of carving gourds. The Irish folktale of Jack O’lantern, The story of  Devlin, The satanic Devil horned demon sheep of Hatton Adventure park that needed a exorcist!,  Trio detained over stealing corpse to sell as bride for ghost wedding in China (of course). The urban legend of a person hanging themselves on Halloween, Overly friendly voicemail, The weirdness that is the Denver Airport and Why Are Bats, Spiders And Even Owls Considered The Scary Creatures of Halloween?

weird kid

Links for the show

Almost Educational Podcast 

Halloween Hanging

Why Are Bats, Spiders And Even Owls Considered The Scary Creatures of Halloween?

Trio detained over stealing corpse to sell as bride for ghost wedding

Petting zoo calls in exorcist for four-horned ‘devil’ sheep

Original Irish Jack-o-Lanterns were truly terrifying and made of turnips

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Oct 222015

This week Roe and Lobo take a look at strange natural Phenomena as Roe’s sinuses Slowly shut down. Antarticas Blood Red Waterfall, Lakes and falls that turn things to stone,The worlds oldest trees, The Hessdalen Lights, The worlds largest living organism, Venezuela’s Everlasting storm , Honduras rain of fishes, Brazilians Longest Wave on Earth, Idahos Fire Rainbows

Links to the show:

7 Incredible Natural Phenomena you’ve never seen

Antarctica’s Blood Red Waterfall

Lake That Turns Animals to Stone? Not Quite

Meet The World’s Largest Living Organism

Socotra Dragon Tree


This Ukrainian 220-Year-Old Apple Tree Has a Very Unique Way of Staying Alive

What Causes The Hessdalen Lights?What Causes The Hessdalen Lights?

World’s Oldest Living Tree — 9550 years old — 



PA Brian

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Oct 112015

Do to a last minute cancellation on another podcast and because we had the time, we decided to record a show …of some kind. This is one of those shows that we just dig into the web of weird and press record.. This week, A man  in India severs his wife’s head and then wonders the streets with it, Antarctica scientists party it up at the south pole, Drunken vegetarians secretly eat meat?, The world didn’t end.. again.. and again..Naked hookers in a boxing match over $80, Why Drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit!, A guy in Florida (of course) covers his house in tin foil from top to bottom. And finally, A guy gets arrested after dry humping a lady for leaving pee on a toilet seat..

Links from the show :

Drunken Antarctica scientists ‘fighting and exposing themselves’, report says

Surprising Number Of Drunk Vegetarians Secretly Eat Meat

Why the World Didn’t End Yesterday

Driven to Kill: Why drivers in China intentionally kill the pedestrians they hit.

Naked hookers in boxing match after dispute over $80

Man Walks Down Street With Wife’s Severed Head

Photos: Florida man stumps neighbors by covering home in aluminum foil

More Photos: Florida man stumps neighbors by covering home in aluminum foil ( this is the link you want to see!) 

Plymouth man ‘dry humped’ woman after toilet seat wee complaint, court told


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Oct 052015

This week we are joined by returning guest Corvis Nocturnum about his book “Vampire Evolution: From Myth To Modern Day”

Vampires are beings of myth: folkloric creatures who live off the blood of the living and have been recorded in nearly every culture around the world since the beginning of man. This work traces the evolution of the vampire, from its roots in ancient mythology to obscure folk tales and legends, leading up to when these foul beings transformed into the suave Byronic heroes that continue to influence the world’s view of the vampire today. It also examines key individuals in history involved in reshaping our concept of the creature. Popular culture is explored, along with the development of the vampire into the protagonist in plays and poems and novels. Sixty-one frightening images bring the topic right to your front door.



Corvis Nocturnum is an author, publisher and lecturer who has written over two dozen books on popular culture. The content ranges from vampires and zombies to the Devil and the occult. He has also been a consultant for A&E Channel’s Paranormal State. He has appeared as a guest speaker at Dragon Con, Scarefest, Parafest and interviewed on the BET Channel’s The Lexi Showepisode “The Church of Satan”. He was also interviewed in an October 2009 Penthouse Magazinearticle on sex and Satanism.

He is also an artist who lectures, at conventions and universities, on other subjects such as secret societies, Goth culture and does his best to debunk the many myths and stereotypes prevalent about dark subcultures. He has been a staff writer for American Gothique e-zine, the founder of Dark Moon Press publishing, and owner of Dark Moon Productions. Teaming up with Sunset Studios as the executive producer of Eerie America: Travel Guide of the Macabre, based off the book from Schiffer Publishing.

To Purchase Vampire Evolution Click link below

Vampire Evolution on Amazon 

To pre order or purchase the History of the Werewolf Click link Below

The History of the Werewolf

Information on Schiffer Publishing click below

Welcome to Schiffer Publishing!

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Oct 012015

Roe is flying solo this week with guest H.A.B from the Couch Party Podcast. H.A.B joins us to talk about a wide variety of high strangeness that he has experienced throughout his life. Doppelgangers, TV’s that turn on by themselves, things that go bang in the night and a vibrating cell phone that demands to have its voice heard!!!



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Sep 202015

This week A very caffeinated Roejen and Lobo are joined by Aaron Dabbah from the web sight to talk about all manner of the weird and strange. We delve into Fortean History with a Rosicrucian necromancer barista, 15th century nun biting mania, Judging someone to hell can get you sued and other historically strange happenings…

Find Aarons sight at


~ If Monsters Don’t Exist, Why Are They Out To Get Me?



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Sep 122015

Welcome back for a prequel of sorts to our last episode.

Ottawa County 911 UFO Incident, Holland, Michigan (1994)

On the evening of March 8, 1994, residents of Southwest Michigan began seeing strange things in the skies over Lake Michigan to the south of Holland. Blue, white, red, and green lights, sometimes attached to cylindrical objects, and sometimes performing unusual maneuvers, were reported.

911 operators began receiving calls at around 9:30 p.m. about something that looked like “a string of Christmas lights way up in the sky.” It wasn’t just a few people reporting these things; it was counties all up and down Lake Michigan. Some sources said 300 witnesses, including several police officers, saw the lights.

There were so many reports that one of the Ottawa County 911 operators decided to call the National Weather Service radar operator at Muskegon. The conversations that 911 had with the NWS operator were entirely recorded and presented here.

Links related to the show


1994 Ottawa County UFO sightings remain unexplained

Lights, Radar Blips Still Have Michigan Folks Wondering


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Sep 082015


Episode 158 The Trumbull county Ohio UFO incident of 1994 tapes.

In this episode we take a look at the 1994 Trumbull County 911 calls. We play the full 911 calls and police dispatch audio as the event unfolded over a 6 hour period.  Police officers chased something through 5 counties.  Big Thanks go out to Oppono Astos and his Youtube channel for compiling these tapes.

Oppono describes the incident on  his Youtube page as follows.

” The Trumbull County, Ohio 911 UFO Incident (1994)

The incident occurred on December 14th 1994 at approximately 11pm and lasted for about 6 hours. Calls began to come into the Trumbull County 911 Center, and local TV station WYTV Channel 33 in Youngstown, Ohio from concerned, and at times, frantic local residents.

But the nature of these calls were anything but routine. Instead, callers reported seeing a large, luminous object that made no sound, and hovered awfully low to the ground. They were certain it wasn’t an airplane, helicopter, weather balloon, falling star, or the planet venus.

Initially, the dispatch operator and officers on duty that evening, can be heard actually joking about the situation. However, the mood would soon become quite serious, as visual contact began to be confirmed by patrolman from several different stations, including The Howland and Liberty Townships, as well as Hubbard, Girard and Trumbull County Police Department.

Officers described the UFO as a huge, brightly luminescent object, with multicolored pulsating lights, and lit up the sky, and lit up the ground below it in an erie red light, as if it were daylight. According to officers and residents, the object made no noise, and was seen hovering above houses, and disturbingly low to the ground.

The entire recording presented here was compiled from the actual police radio telecommunications audio tapes of the Trumbull County 911 Center. A copy of the audio tapes was accidentally obtained by ufologist Kenny Young in 1994 while investigation another ufo incident.”


Find the Oppono’s Youtube video and page here:

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