May 032015

Episode 149 Stories of Penis detachment- Just dicken around!

By listener demand (No, we’re not kidding!) we do a entire episode covering stories of people losing their junk in strange ways. This show is strange, even for us!  We take a Look at Wu Tang Clans tussle with Penis removal, Asia has waaay to many issues with losing their junk, ‘Merica and proud, People shooting their own junk off by mistake, Biblical Penis Jack ass with Robert Schneck, More Asian penis mayhem as wife cuts off mans penis.. TWICE!  And much much more.

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Apr 262015

Genetic editing future

In this weeks show we are again joined by Dr Tyler Kokjohn and Joe from Ozone nightmare. We talk about the Anti Vaccination movement, its history and why these people believe what they believe. We then move onto recent developments of precise editing of human embryos and modifying our own DNA.  Why scientists have called for a moratorium on the use of technology in reproductive cells. What can we do with this technology? What could this mean for us? Were does ethics come in to play? and how soon will this be a reality?  once again we take a look at what it could mean to play God.

Links for the show

Don’t edit the human germ line


Chinese Scientists Edit Genes of Human Embryos, Raising Concerns

America Needs to Figure Out the Ethics of Gene Editing Now

Ozone Nightmare

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Apr 182015

Episode 147 Paul Carr – Calling ET

In his episode we review the book – Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident and the Illusion of Safety by Eric Schlosser.

We then interview Paul Carr of the WOW Signal Podcast and the Unseen podcast about a hard science look at contacting extra terrestrial life. We discuss the Fermi Paradox, SETI,  Bracewell probes and if whoever is out there can hear us.

Purchase Command and Control on Amazon:

Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety





Paul Carr, Host and Executive Producer

Paul Carr

Paul founded the Wow! Signal Podcast in 2012, feeling that the podcast he wanted to listen to was missing. Initially based upon the Dream of the Open Channel blog, Paul expanded upon his lifelong interesting in the scientific search for ET civilizations, space exploration and the human future. Having grown up reading science fiction authors like Isaac Asimov, Paul loves to speculate about all these things and more, but prefers speculations that somehow connect to solid science.

Paul is a spacecraft systems engineer of more than 30 years experience and lives in the Washington D.C. suburbs. You can follow Paul on Twitter @PaulDCarr, or on reddit as /u/Crimfants

Apr 052015

Episode 146 The Nightmare After Easter..Recorded the day before..

In this show we go off the rails. With no guests, no direction or idea what to record, we just wing it. This week, The Pagan origins or Easter , Easter Eggs,  bunnies and Valentine’s day. The Bunny Ranch Brothel house is hiring quality control inspectors. Drug  addicts Selling the stairway to heaven to go to planet made of Crack cocaine!!, Man dies after sex with a scarecrow. Cannibal women kills a boy and eats his brains in broad daylight. And finally, did Leonard Nimoy fake his death with Satanic Reptilian technology to become the new lord of the Illuminati?

Show links:

Couple Arrested for Selling “Tickets to Heaven”

Did Leonard Nimoy Fake His Own Death So He Could Seize Control of the Illuminati?

Truth About Easter

Nevada’s Bunny Ranch brothel seeking paid ‘quality’ control testers

Man dies during sex with scarecrow he dressed in lipstick and long-haired wig

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Mar 292015

TJ Stewart And The Return of the 13 Skulls Podcast

This week we are joined by TJ of the 13 Skulls. The 13 Skulls podcast is returning from a two year hiatus and TJ joins us to talk about his return to podcasting. We chat about podcasting, parenting and cover a few stories with the return of Biblical Jackass.  Long time listeners of our show know how huge of a influence TJ has had on us and our show and it was a pleasure to speak with our old friend again.




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Mar 162015

Episode 144, Crypto Currency with Hiroja Shibe and Ozone Joe

In this week’s show We have guests Hiroja Shibe from the Musings of the Shibe Podcast and good friend of the show , Joe from the Ozone Nightmare and Ozone late night podcasts. We speak with Hiroja and Joe about all things Crypto Currency. The Rise of Crypto coin, It’s safety and security and how to buy it and what it means to the future. Do to a Skype recording mishap, we unfortunately only recorded a hour of the show but what we did record was really good. Expect Shibe to return to our podcast soon.


Find both shows below.






Mar 112015

No guests in this weeks show do to computer issues. Its just Lobo and Roe kicking it old school like back in the day. This week we take a break from interviews to take a look at weird medical remedies. We cover everything from drinking your own urine to “mouse paste” to leeches, maggots and farts in a jar. A weird look at some of the strangest medical remedies we could find.

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Psychologic - Purple Dye

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Feb 222015

Episode 142 “Get Religion!”

In this episode we take a look at three alternative religions. In part one we speak with Reverend Ivan Stang of the Church of the Subgenus as he explains who J.R. “Bob” Dobbs is and what slack can do for you. In part two, We speak with Rev Gary Silvia from the Church of the later day dude. Rev Gary joins us to teach us about Dudeism and how to abide. In part three we speak with Coincidence Control Networks Frater Isla to learn about the Sons of Batman. A “Magical order dedicated to the spiritual model provided by the world’s greatest urban shaman: The Batman.”




 The Good Rev Ivan Stang





The Good Rev Gary Salvia 




Head Magus “Josh” Frater Isla 


Feb 142015

In part two of our interview with Dr. Saab we talk about the one year anniversary of Lobo’s near death. We look at what is going on in the brain during a near death experience, what happens when we dream and we ask the question, what is consciousness.



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