Feb 072016

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99.2 KB album artwork_1400x1400 Despite having a last Minute interview cancellation, Roe and Lobo manage to somehow pull a show out of their ass.  Its been awhile since we have just rambled about weird news so we decided to see what we could find on short notice. This week.. Drugs are bad M’kay? Air traffic controller to cops ” I stay awake on Meth.. Pot head named Head found with pot on his head, Ohio toddler found stuck in a toilet with Marijuana growing in room, Tony the Tiger Begs cops to stop tweeting him porn, Chainsaw wielding madman threatens family in road rage incident, The Euthanasia Roller coaster and cremation carnival rides, Biblical Jackass- Prophet buried alive in cleansing ceremony, Priest performs exorcism from a helicopter Taco…Bell news- Taco Bell Lasagna costed $80 to make and worth every penny, plus 56 Victoria slang terms that should be brought back ( oooh and something or another about a new planet or something.. )


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Feb 012016

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With us this week is returning guest Jack Brewer of the UFO Trail Blog. Jack joins us to talk about his new book “The Greys Have Been Framed”. We take a deep look at Hypnosis, The work of Bud Hopkins, Travis Walton, We ask if MUFON is still relevant and talk about some of UFOlogies most sacred cows.  This is a long one and our Patron supports get a extended episode that delves into the Betty and Barney Hill incident.




The Greys Have Been Framed: Exploitation in the UFO Community

BookCoverImage (1)


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Jan 182016


In this episode we play a found audio piece of a interview with Robert Anton Wilson on a cassette tape from 1988 in Venice California.  In the interview Robert speaks about his thoughts on English occultist, ceremonial magician, poet, painter, novelist, and mountaineer, Aleister Crowley. Plus a few other thoughts on the strange and esoteric. To give us a little background into the life Of Wilson we are joined by high priest of the Illuminate Adam Gorightly.

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Below is a pic of Robert Wilson (on the right)  with Adam Gorightly ( left)


Yesterday’s Synchronicity by Adam Gorightly


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Jan 052016

In our first episode of 2016 we have returning guest Alexx Bollen. Alexx returns to tell us about his struggles with depression, drug use, hallucinations of face eating demons and friendly statues. Alexx has a unusual way of dealing with all of this, he treated his depression by Micro dosing magic Mushrooms. And it appears to be working!


“This is the Alexxcast, a comedic podcast based out of Portland, OR. I, and my rotating cast of guests, discuss forteana, books, mysticism, booze, metaphysics, spirituality, movies, writing and other random nonsense. This is the single greatest podcast in the history of Alexx-based podcasts.”


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Dec 282015

Short surprise bonus show, we run a old lecture from John Keel from 1966. John talks about his investigation into the Mothman of Point Pleasant WV.



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Dec 212015

Do to the popular success of the 911 phone call shows from Ohio and Holland Michigan , We will be running the audio tapes for The Edwards Air Force Base UFO Incident of 1965.  This are 40 min of declassified audio from that event. The audio quality is rough but Roe did what I could to clean it up. We suggest you listen with headphones.  Below is a brief description of what follows.

On Octorber 7, 1965, at Edwards Air Force Base near Palmdale, California, up to 12 UFOs were spotted and observed by military personnel. A fighter jet was ‘scrambled’ to intercept and pursue the objects. The event took place over a five hour period, documented with at least forty hours of communications audio recordings. Of those, only six hours of audio were declassified and released to the public.

Thanks for the support everyone. See you all real soon!

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Dec 122015

We continue with the second half of our interview with Jeff Ritzmann




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Dec 072015

In our final original two part show of the year, we are again joined by Jeff Ritzmann of Paratopia and Paranormal Waypoint. Jeff rejoins us to talk about a wide range of his bizarre and often terrifying experiences.  High strangeness? check!  UFO’s? yep, Missing time?  got that, Visitors in the night? that too, Ghosts? of course! Sit back and get ready. This is one hell of a wild ride down the rabbit hole and through the looking glass.


Find The New Paratopia at the link Below




Closing Music For This Episode

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Nov 302015

By listener demand we give you “This Year In Fecal Matters!!” A show of almost 100% listener submitted content about the weird things people do with Poo. Trust us, we know our shit… This show is by far our most juvenile and messed up show we have done to date… Ever.. Chuck from The Wheel Nerds Podcast rejoins us as we talk about all things fecal proving once and for all, Our show really is full of shit. Listener discretion is advised.

3750 x 5250

Links For This Weeks Show.


“Poo curry” restaurant now hiring interns, award-winning Tokyo University grad student applies

1,000 people possibly sickened by fecal matter in French mud run

Are People Really Taking Glitter Pills to Make Their Shit Sparkle?

Burger King’s Halloween Whopper with a black bun is called “deliciously dark” by Burger King

Coked-up, gun-wielding Indiana woman leaves blow-up doll and poop-covered sex toy on porch


Jimmy Buffett fans blasted for leaving buckets of poop at concert

Japanese city posts toilet instructions for confused tourists

Driver for the Dave Matthews Band admitted Wednesday that he emptied his bus’ septic tank over the Chicago River last summer, drenching passengers on an architectural boat tour with 800 pounds of human waste.

Poop Apps: 5 Tools for Tracking Your Stools

Shanghai man held after CCTV captures him throwing ‘excrement bombs’ from building

Toilet slides and turd hats: welcome to Tokyo’s crappiest exhibition

Who invented the flush toilet?

Closing Music for the show.

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Nov 232015

Its that time of year again. We return to what has become a Holiday tradition here on Archivist, Our annual Thanksgiving cannibalism feast! Enjoy the Tacos as This year we look at The Canadian Cannibal killer who has a dating profile seeking “Prince Charming”, A cannibal who murders his parents then has sex with the bodies BEFORE eating the remains, The Russian Russian “Granny Ripper”,  Man accused of pouring hot sauce and Ranch dressing on his girl friend and trying to shove her in the oven, The debate if South Africa should just legalize cannibalism, The man who killed his wife’s rapist then cut of , cooked and ate his genitals, Indian man found eating corpses from funeral pyre, The UK’s Crossbow cannibal killer, Thug life rapper “Big Lurch” kills and eats his girlfriends lungs! And a look at the Historic James Town cannibalism history.


Links From the show:

Cannibalism in Early Jamestown

Rapper Charged with Murder: Human Flesh Found In Stomach

Man found eating corpse, held for cannibalism

Should South Africa legalize cannibalism?

Husband ‘killed wife’s rapist, hacked off his penis then cooked and ate it’

Crossbow cannibal jailed for ‘wicked and monstrous’ prostitute murders

Police: Cannibalism suspected in Russian ‘Granny Ripper’ case

Cannibal murders parents then has sex with their dead bodies before EATING parts of remains

Canadian cannibal killer doing life posts online dating profile from behind bars looking for his ‘prince charming’ 


Closing Music:

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