This week returning guest Dorion joins us for a ramblecast that takes us all over the map. We take a look at Biblical DNA, Parents cooked and packed into lunch boxes, Lego, Child plaything of Satan!!, This week in Fecal matters, Got a body to get rid of? there’s an App for that, Spooked professor attacked by blood sucker spirit, All of the Goblin sex and death, Christian group needs more dead to practice resurrection ritual, Police raid pub in search for the grail, Praying as mental illness and Cloppers is a real real bad thing to do a search on..


British police raid pub in search for ‘Holy Grail’


Parents killed, cooked and packed into lunchboxes


Lego is a tool of Satan, warns Polish priest


Hotel threatens guests over ‘logging’ craze no one even knew about (deliberately pooing in the pool)

Florida man kills his room-mate and asks siri where to hide the body


Christian Sues Doctor For Diagnosing Her Praying as Mental Illness – 

Spooked professor cries attack from blood-sucker spirit

Man dies in goblin exorcism ritual

Goblins sexually abuse teachers

Evangelicals bone up their ‘raising the dead’ skills

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This week we welcome fellow podcaster Mike Boudet. Mike is the host of the awesome podcast Sword and Scale.


Find Sword and Scale at





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This is the second half of Roejens recent appearance on Ozone Late night with Dr Tyler.  The Perils of Biohacking !


Big thanks to Joe over at Ozone Nightmare for letting me post this here. This is Part one of a show that I and Tyler Kokjohn guest appeared on. We cover some material that we have discussed on Archivist but we also cover some new ground on genetics and the state of technology. Headerv2


This week we do our promised show on Florida. over that last 7 months we have collected a variety of strange news and 911 calls pertaining to the “Sunshine State” . This was a bit of a rushed show and I expect us to do a follow up later on this year as Florida does not to seem to show any signs of letting go of its strangeness.

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This week we are joined by show listener Melissa Ede.  Melissa is a transgender Mars one finalist for the first one way trip to Mars. She joins us this week to talk about what its like being in the running for the journey, The media controversy around her gender, Loving the haters, Driving a cab and what its like knowing its a one way trip to the red plant. This is one of the wildest interviews we have ever done.




This show really isnt about anything important in particular,  Just a short piece about a run in with a Homeless street prophet in Flint Michigan at four in the morning.


This week we are joined by comic book sculptor  and good friend of the show Jean St Jean. Jean joins us to talk about his new line of Cryptozoological toys, Big Foot folklore and Skepticism. Do to Skype issues, we lost the first half hour of the show and at times the audio is a bit rough at first but it’s still a fun show.




Jeans Appearance on Ozone Late night:

Jeans Deviant Art Page

The Creature Replica Toy Line:




Episode 122 Jason Offutt, Time travelers, De Lorean’s and Crotch Grabbing Time Machines!!!

This week we finally get Jason Offutt on the show. Jason joins us this week to talk about his research into the topic of time travel. We discuss Michael “Mad Man” Marcum. We talk about Jason’s very own time from Steven Gibbs, the “Hyper Dimensional Resonator”.  Then we chat about varies other reputed time travelers.

Info on Jason Offutt:

Jason’s Article on Mysterious Universe:

Mike “Mad Man” Marcum on Coast To Coast


Want a De Lorean? Yes you can still get one!

Want your very own time machine? yes you can get one of those too!!



10 people who claim to be Time Travelers:




Getonit by EAN. Click link below to get the song for free


Our First Look at Axe Murderers! In This Episode we take a brief look at Tyree Smith, Accused Axe Murderer and Cannibal. Then we are joined by returning guest to talk about Lizzie Borden who as the rhyme goes,  took an axe and gave her mother forty whacks.When she saw what she had done,She gave her father forty-one.



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