This week our resident historian of the strange Robert Schneck returns to talk about his latest book, Mrs Wakeman Vs: The Antichrist and other strange but true tales from American history.  We cover Blood Drinkers, Weird cults, The Antichrist obsessed cult leader whose disciples became brutal murderers in the name of saving her and the world, Homemade wild men with dentist implanted horns and much much more.

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Mrs. Wakeman vs. the Antichrist: And Other Strange-but-True Tales from American History


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The President’s Vampire: Strange-but-True Tales of the United States of America



Were back from our break. This episode we are joined by returning guest and show favorite Linda Godfrey to talk about her new book American Monsters: A History of Monster Lore, Legends and Sightings in America. We discuss giant bird sightings, Wisconsin’s Man-Bat, Flying Heads and Owl People, Flying Manta Rays, Windigo’s, the Connecticut Frog folk and other weird inbred local urban legends.




Lindagodfrey’s Blog



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Lqd Hrmny – Chance 


The show is on a short break right now. Fear not!  we are returning soon. Just taking some time off to recharge and re focus. We should have new shows going back up within a month. Peace.


In this episode Roejen tries to pull off a conversation on cold medication and after recording for two hours… Babbling ensues.

Jeremy Vaeni joins me this time. We take a look at the changing world of UFOlogy and ask is it dying off, just shedding its old skin, does it matter and did it ever? We also take a look at the idea’s of being a skeptic and a believer. How a person’s experiences or lack of them filter those ideas and effect their beliefs and I struggle with where I fit into it all.


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Episode 129  “Were not even supposed to be here today….”

This week Roe and Lo managed to toss together a impromptu ramble cast over the Labor day holiday. Roe has a head cold and Lobo is crankier then Edison at a Tesla convention. This week, Who’s parenting harder? Apple gets it right, Killing people with Mind Bullets! Your disturbing my cartoons so you must die! ! The Meat Mountain sandwich, Zoo pants! Feral cat says no school for you, I want mutant KFC chicken powers damn it!


Extra long two hour show this week. Do to a home emergency on Lobo’s end,  I was joined by returning Show guest Dorion to Interview Ben Radford.  Ben returns to us this week to talk about his book: Mysterious New Mexico: Miracles , Magic and Monsters in the land of enchantment. We discuss Ben’s brand of skeptical research, The Thunder Birds, The Story of La Llorona, The Bone Collector Serial killer, why Psychics piss him off and The Lizard man attacks that have been in the news.

From there Roejen finally reveals whats up with all the Yanni memes that have been floating around the facebook page and a few shout outs.


Mysterious New Mexico: Miracles, Magic, and Monsters in the Land of Enchantment


Where to buy Bens New book.

Bens appearance on Weird or what

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The Yanni Letter to my daughter. =)

Yanni letter


This week returning guest Dorion joins us for a ramblecast that takes us all over the map. We take a look at Biblical DNA, Parents cooked and packed into lunch boxes, Lego, Child plaything of Satan!!, This week in Fecal matters, Got a body to get rid of? there’s an App for that, Spooked professor attacked by blood sucker spirit, All of the Goblin sex and death, Christian group needs more dead to practice resurrection ritual, Police raid pub in search for the grail, Praying as mental illness and Cloppers is a real real bad thing to do a search on..


British police raid pub in search for ‘Holy Grail’


Parents killed, cooked and packed into lunchboxes


Lego is a tool of Satan, warns Polish priest


Hotel threatens guests over ‘logging’ craze no one even knew about (deliberately pooing in the pool)

Florida man kills his room-mate and asks siri where to hide the body


Christian Sues Doctor For Diagnosing Her Praying as Mental Illness – 

Spooked professor cries attack from blood-sucker spirit

Man dies in goblin exorcism ritual

Goblins sexually abuse teachers

Evangelicals bone up their ‘raising the dead’ skills

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This week we welcome fellow podcaster Mike Boudet. Mike is the host of the awesome podcast Sword and Scale.


Find Sword and Scale at





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This is the second half of Roejens recent appearance on Ozone Late night with Dr Tyler.  The Perils of Biohacking !


Big thanks to Joe over at Ozone Nightmare for letting me post this here. This is Part one of a show that I and Tyler Kokjohn guest appeared on. We cover some material that we have discussed on Archivist but we also cover some new ground on genetics and the state of technology. Headerv2

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