Jun 132016

In this episode Roejen speaks with Manuel Navarette. Manuel runs the UFO Clearing house website that documents reports of High strangeness. We talk about the history of UFOlogy and how its changed over the years, the nature of High Strangeness, Old school UFO guys, Some of his favorite cases and his UFO Clearing house website.

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Jun 052016

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On the show this week we have Joshua Cutchin.  Josh talks with us about his book A TROJAN FEAST: The Food and Drink Offerings of Aliens, Faeries, and Sasquatch. Joshua takes a deep look at the varies mythos of faerie folk lore, UFO abductions and other strange encounters and finds common narrative themes of food and drink. We take a look at the strange sexual side of things, Becoming trapped in the Fairy world, How these experiences supposedly alter people and the similarities between all these legends and encounters throughout the world.

Find Josh on the Web:



A TROJAN FEAST: The Food and Drink Offerings of Aliens, Faeries, and Sasquatch



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May 252016

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This week Allison Thurman joins us to talk about the weird life of the Mad Emperor Rudolph The Second. Murder, Incest, Magic , Melancholy and being the Holly Roman Emperor!  Allison is a writer and a blogger. She studies 16th century charlatans and magic practitioners and is in the process of writing a historical fiction novel about Dr John Dee and Edward Kelly.  Her blog can be found at www.Allisonthurman.com

Allison Thurman


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May 162016

Recovering from a blown mother board and show mishaps, Roejen goes on a caffeine driven 20 minute psycho rant before we manage to toss some kind of show together. This week we had no show in mind and were more just testing out the new system to make sure everything was working correctly. We cover, Man follows family through a family dollar with a toilet seat on his head and a clown nose, Lobo covers a stupid article about a grill made for cooking Brats, A giant brawl breaks out in a Russian Moscow Cemetery, Prince’s death fortells the end times, Romanian Cave sealed for 5.5 million years holds strange life forms, Woman killed by train while trying to spot the Pope Lick Monster, Killer Asian Hornets are coming for us all and Too much masturbation and music caused a Florida man to vandalize homes…

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Police: Man follows family, dons toilet seat and clown nose

Screen Shot 2016-05-12 at 3.07.22 PM_1463080073052_38106968_ver1.0_640_480

Cops: Too much music, masturbation caused Florida man to vandalize home

Killer Asian hornets are heading towards UK as experts warn they could kill hundreds of native bees

Moscow cemetery brawl: Three dead and 90 arrested

Naples ‘mom-preneur’ invents George Foreman-like grill for sausage

https://www.rawstory.com/2016/04/princes-death-foretells-the-end-times-says-man-who-calls-himself-third-eagle-of-the-apocalypse/Prince’s death foretells the end times says man who calls himself ‘Third Eagle of the Apocalypse’

Romanian cave sealed for 5.5 million years is full of strange creatures

Woman, 26, is killed by a train while stalking Kentucky’s mythical ‘Pope Lick Monster’ that is said to trick people into climbing onto railroad

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3558664/Roquel-Bain-killed-train-trying-spot-Pope-Lick-Monster-Louisville-Kentucky.html#ixzz48rbFwMr0

Closing Music For The Show :

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May 092016

NOTE: THIS MAY BE OUR LAST SHOW FOR A FEW WEEKS. ROE’S MAIN COMPUTER IS DOWN FOR REPAIRS. HOPE TO HAVE IT BACK SOON. This was originally intended to be a Patreon show and was supposed to be short, But We ended up having a deep conversation about episode 185 that ended up taking us down a few rabbit holes about UFOlogy, the nature of belief, What idea’s we have about things. We cover  some other things and random house cleaning too. Fear not Patreons! I still have a show coming for you guys too. 99.2 KB album artwork_1400x1400

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May 062016


809cff8d5a96c5202f7207c0020459b1_originalRoejen flies solo this week and takes a look at the UFO sightings of March 1966 centered around Ann Arbor Michigan. Fifty years ago, for a brief but interesting time, Washtenaw County became the flying saucer capital of the Midwest. What follows is a brief description of the events between March 14 to the 25th followed by a hour of actual interviews and radio reports from that time. Enjoy.

Links from the show


Ann Arbor vs. the flying saucers


Music From the show:

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May 012016

This week Christopher of Media relations from “Cthulhu for America” Chris joins us to talk about the 2016 presidential campaign and explains why Dread Lord Cthulhu is the only clear presidential choice for a 3rd party candidate.  We tackle hard hitting topics like Spaniards immigrating from Colorado, Education and forbidden knowledge, Drug use, not building walls, Black lives matter  and ruling the world.  We then do our part in supporting our candidate by placing a few campaign calls of Cthulhu!  We try reaching out to a few undecided female voters in a effort to get them to vote for Dread Lord Cthulhu! We also wrap up our strange political candidates portion of the show and play a listener voicemail.



Links from the show:



Alabama Governor’s Sex Scandal Just Inspired a Beer With the Grabbiest Label Ever Everything is (unim)peachy at Salty Nut Brewery

Cops: Mayor stole 111 road signs

Self-professed time-traveller pretty sure he’ll win U.S. presidency

The East Village hippie who ran for president

Closing Music for the Show:

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Apr 252016

In this week’s show we take a look at politics as only we can.. A Warlock in Mexico says Donald Trump will not win,  Florida candidate for U.S. Senate admits to sacrificing goat, drinking its blood, Opal Covey runs for mayor of Toledo Ohio and summons the wrath of God!, Swedish TV Accidentally Runs Kids’ Show Subtitles On A Political Debate, School naming goes way out of hand, 11 Bizarre political parties from around the world, And the Ted Cruz conspiracies run rampant, Did Ted Cruz really get 100 cans of Chuncky soup after his honey moon? Is he the Zodiac Killer? Is he the lead singer of 90 Christian heavy metal rock super legends Stryper? Is the female Ted Cruz lookalike really getting paid $10,000 by Xhamster to film a porno? Will Lobo actually throw up at the thought of that?

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Articles from the show:

11 Bizarre Political Parties From Around The World

A warlock in Mexico has predicted that Donald Trump will not be the 45th president of America.


Swedish TV Accidentally Runs Kids’ Show Subtitles On A Political Debate

This school clearly didn’t learn any lessons from the ‘Boaty McBoatface’ disaster

Meet the mayoral hopefuls: Opal Covey

Poll: Nearly 40 Percent of Florida Voters Think Ted Cruz Might Be the Zodiac Killer

Stryper Frontman Denies He Is Ted Cruz


After His Honeymoon, Ted Cruz Immediately Bought 100 Cans Of Soup

Female Ted Cruz Lookalike Agrees To Do Porn For $10,000

Closing Music from the show



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Apr 192016


This week, Jordan Boneparty comes on the show to talk about high strangeness in the Atlantic Canada region and his new podcast “The Night Time Podcast”. We talk about that time Jesus came to Tim Hortons, A bit about Shag Harbor, Some Bigfoot sightings and a strange UFO event witnessed by his grandparents.

Find The Night Time Podcast at this link : “The Night Time Podcast” 



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Music for this weeks show

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Apr 112016

Greetings all! This week Roejen babbles on about ParaMania in Texas and then we catch up on some weird news, Such as… 10 Case reports of people thinking they are dead ( Cotards Syndrome), How Panama’s dictator Manuel Noriega hexed U.S Presidents, Ghosts told teems to burn down a barn. And in Biblical Jackass, Exorcists claims that beautiful women are more likely to be possessed by evil demons, Church vows to continue 3 am services as loud as possible to scare away demons, Prophet losses his ass ( Literally) to lions while trying to prove God would not allow him to be harmed and a pastor sets a women on fire, says God told him she wont burn…FAIL!

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Links to this weeks show:

Cele Pastor Sets Woman On Fire, Says God Told Me She Won’t Burn

Christian ‘prophet’ loses his buttocks to a hungry lion while trying to prove God would save him

Church vows to continue 3am services after neighbours’ complaints… because that’s when ‘demons are active’

Exorcist claims ‘beautiful women’ are more likely to be possessed by evil demons

Ghost told them to torch Hanover Twp. barn, teens tell cops


Plight of the Living Dead: 10 Case Reports of Cotard’s Syndrome

Closing Music For this weeks show:

Puscifer with Milla Jovovich ” The mission “

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