Jun 282015


For this week’s show we are joined by returning guest and fan favorite Ted Roe.

In this show we discuss the history of China’s Shaolin monks.  We look at when and where the first Shaolin temple was established, The first Shaolin master, Bodhidharma,The Buddhist idea’s that Shaolin draw from and how Shaolin training works to reach enlightenment. We also venture into notable members of Shaolin history and the role of Shaolin, Shaolin folklore, notable historical members of Shaolins past and the role of Shaolin today.

Ted Roe is the Executive Director of NARCAP ( The National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena), Photographer for National Geographic, A free diving instructor, A sword master and Sensei for his Dojo. Teds martial arts resume is far greater then I feel like posting here but rest assured, he is the modern day monk/Jedi of our time. Ted currently resides in Hawaii were he can be found meditating under his tree in Kona and communing with the volcano on a spiritual level.


Jun 142015

In this episode,. Roejen deals with lack of sleep and two toothaches from hell. We fall back into he “ramble cast” and go all over the place, Italian Eels hooked on Cocaine, Cardboard bank robber holds off S.W.A.T teams for hours, French woman selling magic cheese, The return of Crystal Pepsi and Surge, Canadian bus Driver assaulted by urine and vomit, The “Jared diet has failed me! So I’ll knock off a Subway!, Macaroni trail to Justice!! Londons Batman and other less then super heroes. More Biblical Jack ass and finally, in light of Rachel Dolezal’s “self identifying as a black woman” and Bruce Jenner now self identifying as a woman, And Pluto self identifying as a planet….. Roejen decides to self identify as ” A planet Jupiter”.

Links and Show notes.

Are Italian Eels Coke Addicted Fiends?

Cardboard Bank Robber Holds Off SWAT for Hours

Cops Follow Trail Of Macaroni Salad Straight To Robbery Suspects

Crazy teen blames failed ‘Jared Diet’ for going on Subway robbery spree

The ’90s are back: Crystal Pepsi is making a comeback

A 74-year-old woman is standing trial for allegedly orchestrating a $15 million ‘magic cheese’ scam

‘Surge’ sells out after Internet fans make Coke bring it back

Victoria bus driver assaulted with urine, vomit while on the job

Woman calls bullsh*t on pastor’s claims that he raised her brother from the dead during church service

Crazy man in the U.K. wears Batman-like costume, actually saves two people from being mugged

10 Outrageous Real Life Superheroes


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Jun 072015


In this episode of Stasis ,Roejen takes a look at the strange phenomenon of Tinfoil Hats


Show links:

A Brief Cultural History of the Tin Foil Hat

The True Origin Of The ‘Tin Foil Hat’ And Why It’s The Stupidest Thing To Wear If You’re Paranoid About The Government

The History Of The Tin Foil Hat

Tin Foil Hats Actually Make it Easier for the Government to Track Your Thoughts

High-tech sound will be all in your head

The league of lady conspiracists in collaboration with DogHorse, Miss Prism and myself, present an educational film about how to avoid the threat of mind control.

“The Tissue-Culture King,” Julian Huxley, 1927

Julian Huxley

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May 312015

Episode 150 Getting Roasted By Tim Binnall


Welcome back for episode 150. This week Tim Binnall of Binnall of America joins us to generally make us miserable and give us as much crap as possible. We talk The Roswell slides, Roejens UFO sighting, How to talk to a UFO,  Scepticism, Stan Friedman,weird news, weird people we have dealt with, We’re never wrong… No life sentences in Sweden, and why we do what we do.


Find Binnall Of America at





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May 252015


Greetings all.

This is a rare solo episode from Lobo. Lobo calls his Solo shows ” The Spark” to reflect the idea of a Spark of knowledge.

In this show he covers the 2000 year old Native American legend of the White Buffalo of the Lakota and Sioux. He looks at the origin of the legend, what it represents to the native Americans and the recent birth and death of “Lightning Medicine Cloud”.


Show links

White buffalo

Sacred white buffalo killed 

Legend of the White Buffalo

Ruth Hopkins: Prophecy of the White Buffalo Calf

Texas Sheriff: Sacred White Buffalo Was Not Slaughtered


Closing music for this episode was provided by “Supaman”




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May 032015

Episode 149 Stories of Penis detachment- Just dicken around!

By listener demand (No, we’re not kidding!) we do a entire episode covering stories of people losing their junk in strange ways. This show is strange, even for us!  We take a Look at Wu Tang Clans tussle with Penis removal, Asia has waaay to many issues with losing their junk, ‘Merica and proud, People shooting their own junk off by mistake, Biblical Penis Jack ass with Robert Schneck, More Asian penis mayhem as wife cuts off mans penis.. TWICE!  And much much more.

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Apr 262015

Genetic editing future

In this weeks show we are again joined by Dr Tyler Kokjohn and Joe from Ozone nightmare. We talk about the Anti Vaccination movement, its history and why these people believe what they believe. We then move onto recent developments of precise editing of human embryos and modifying our own DNA.  Why scientists have called for a moratorium on the use of technology in reproductive cells. What can we do with this technology? What could this mean for us? Were does ethics come in to play? and how soon will this be a reality?  once again we take a look at what it could mean to play God.

Links for the show

Don’t edit the human germ line


Chinese Scientists Edit Genes of Human Embryos, Raising Concerns

America Needs to Figure Out the Ethics of Gene Editing Now

Ozone Nightmare

Closing Music:

Apr 182015

Episode 147 Paul Carr – Calling ET

In his episode we review the book – Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident and the Illusion of Safety by Eric Schlosser.

We then interview Paul Carr of the WOW Signal Podcast and the Unseen podcast about a hard science look at contacting extra terrestrial life. We discuss the Fermi Paradox, SETI,  Bracewell probes and if whoever is out there can hear us.

Purchase Command and Control on Amazon:

Command and Control: Nuclear Weapons, the Damascus Accident, and the Illusion of Safety





Paul Carr, Host and Executive Producer

Paul Carr

Paul founded the Wow! Signal Podcast in 2012, feeling that the podcast he wanted to listen to was missing. Initially based upon the Dream of the Open Channel blog, Paul expanded upon his lifelong interesting in the scientific search for ET civilizations, space exploration and the human future. Having grown up reading science fiction authors like Isaac Asimov, Paul loves to speculate about all these things and more, but prefers speculations that somehow connect to solid science.

Paul is a spacecraft systems engineer of more than 30 years experience and lives in the Washington D.C. suburbs. You can follow Paul on Twitter @PaulDCarr, or on reddit as /u/Crimfants

Apr 052015

Episode 146 The Nightmare After Easter..Recorded the day before..

In this show we go off the rails. With no guests, no direction or idea what to record, we just wing it. This week, The Pagan origins or Easter , Easter Eggs,  bunnies and Valentine’s day. The Bunny Ranch Brothel house is hiring quality control inspectors. Drug  addicts Selling the stairway to heaven to go to planet made of Crack cocaine!!, Man dies after sex with a scarecrow. Cannibal women kills a boy and eats his brains in broad daylight. And finally, did Leonard Nimoy fake his death with Satanic Reptilian technology to become the new lord of the Illuminati?

Show links:

Couple Arrested for Selling “Tickets to Heaven”

Did Leonard Nimoy Fake His Own Death So He Could Seize Control of the Illuminati?

Truth About Easter

Nevada’s Bunny Ranch brothel seeking paid ‘quality’ control testers

Man dies during sex with scarecrow he dressed in lipstick and long-haired wig

Closing Music from the show