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Recently Guest and friend of the show Dr Tyler Kokjohn was kind enough to review the book “Crashed UFOs, MJ-12 & Biowarfare by Dr. Robert M. Wood with Nick Redfern (Richard Dolan Press, Rochester NY, 2013)” Give it a read.


This book can be found for Purchase on Amazon at the link provided below.

****Please note that Dr Kokjohns review of the book does not necessarily reflect the View of the Project Archivist podcast nor its hosts.  ****

Incurious and Incuriouser

A review of Alien Viruses. Crashed UFOs, MJ-12 & Biowarfare by Dr. Robert M. Wood with Nick Redfern (Richard Dolan Press, Rochester NY, 2013)

The book is fundamentally a one-sided interpretation of alleged facts extracted from written materials of dubious provenance and/or obtained from witness testimony much of which is indirect hear-say.  Whether MJ-12 and other Roswell incident-related documents are authentic has long been controversial.  Unfortunately, the accounts provided by the authors do not dispel doubts, they increase them.  From the bizarre ‘test’ of William Moore with fabricated information described on page 36 to the remarkable admission on page 44 from a key source he had knowingly provided blatantly phony materials and ‘constructs,’ a clear history of deliberate hoaxes and untrustworthy sources is revealed.  Just how did the authors establish the veracity of the selected materials they published in this book?  The material on the back cover of the book tells us Dr. Wood performed forensic analysis of the documents.  What did that entail?  The reason I ask is because on page 69 the authors inform us any forensic analysis of constructed documents would be ‘fruitless and meaningless.’


The situation with constructed documents leads to another question – Why?  Why would anyone bother putting together fake documents if the entire intent was to provide ‘guidelines and pointers to assist in the search for the truth.’ (page 78).  Why play this time-consuming game making cover pages, classification designations, tables of contents, etc.?  Why not abstract the relevant information and provide it directly without the risk that the critical facts the creator wanted to convey would be overlooked or rejected because the document(s) was phony?  How would anyone be protected from prosecution if the releases of pointers revealed classified information or led investigators to areas the authorities wanted to conceal?

Page 4 – asserts an understanding of retroviruses probably began in the ‘classified facilities’ and leaked into the outside literature years later.  This interpretation of events ignores the long history of incremental laboratory investigations to understand tumor virus function which culminated in a Nobel prize for Howard Temin and David Baltimore.

Pages 4 and 85 – pondering when the term retrovirus first appeared in the scientific literature.  The consensus is around 1970.  That poses a problem for one of the key documents used by the authors purported to have been created decades earlier while featuring the term ‘retro-virus.’ That looks like clear evidence of a hoax, but the authors wish to think that the situation is not so clear cut and invoke vague assertions of leaks of classified information and grasp at threads suggesting the term was in the scientific literature when the document was created.  Here is something more likely; the term retrovirus – hyphenated or not – was in the scientific literature and public consciousness because the faked document was fabricated well after 1970.

Page 12 – “… the logical possibility that the hantavirus was the original pathogen from the Roswell deaths of four technicians.”  However, the story is inconsistent with both the particulars of the evidence presented (page 81) as well as the known facts of hantavirus structure and epidemiology.  Further, the idea that hanatavirus was involved is again contradicted by the material on page 80 which informs us a retro-virus was isolated from the remains; hantavirus is not a retrovirus.


Page 118 – Outbreaks of polio and UFOs.  Using polioviruses as a bio-weapon would be quite ineffective.  The virus actually paralyzes only about 1% of all infected patients and kills even less frequently.  Page 119 – How could concern and interest in the easily discredited theories of one doctor emerge from secret knowledge gleaned from Roswell if that information was possessed only by an elite and special few?  How could information be both closely guarded yet well enough disseminated in official circles that anyone investigating similar theories would be watched closely? Seems like a contradiction.

Chapter 20, The AIDS-Cattle Mutilation Controversy, 1999 (page 224) is my favorite part of the book because it turned out to be so unintentionally revealing.  The central hypothesis is that mutilations reflect alien efforts to obtain the virus and antibodies in quantity. Setting aside questions as to how effectively human immunodeficiency virus replicates in bovines, the description as to how virus and antibodies are harvested overlooks the fact that the two are incompatible; if you have a large amount of virus, the antibody titers are low and if you have high levels of antibodies, the viruses are inactivated and removed from circulation.  It’s how antibodies work.  Also, it may be impossible to protect abductees from infection using antibodies.  Most HIV infections are actually discovered by detecting the presence of antibodies in the patient serum or other fluids.  And those antibodies do not protect the patient from ultimate death, the virus slowly takes the immune system down from the inside. There is another problem – HIV mutates and evolves so rapidly, we talk about ‘swarms’ of virus in patients and specific clades and subtypes of viruses have emerged in various localities.  Which one(s) are the aliens attempting to control?

After investing years sifting through documents gathering traces and tidbits to piece together a remarkable story, it is hard to imagine anyone would miss any opportunity to corroborate their hard-earned deductions with hard evidence.   However, during all the time it took to write the book, including a 7 year interval while it remained completed and unpublished, it seems no one ever thought to secure the direct physical evidence that would establish the truth of assertions regarding nefarious programs of bio-warfare and alien extinction conspiracies.  All it would require is the testing of mutilated cows for antibodies they should not possess or viruses and that evidence has literally been lying around just waiting to be discovered.  If the hypotheses are correct, the mutilated and discarded cow carcasses will be packed with either abnormal viruses or antibodies detectable whether or not the blood was drained completely.  A Western blot test on some lymph nodes or fluids could tell all.  And if you are not content to work with dead cows, why not find the incubator cattle before the aliens savage them by simply looking for the locator devices in their left ears (page 244)?  While you are at it, you might bring one of those devices to the lab for study as well.


The authors present an astonishing tale based heavily on falsified documents and sometimes indirect witness testimony.  In the end, the story between the lines they probably never intended to reveal – of incurious investigators and fatal omissions – was the more interesting because it appears to be true.


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  2. Thanks for the post, Dr. Kokjohn. I appreciate your pointed and detailed assessment of the book.

    At some point perhaps someone making fantastic allegations about cattle, ET-human hybrids and the like will actually collect a sample or two and test their hypothesis. In the mean time, we will be left to continue to suppose why it is they do not.

    • I think Tyler has another review in the works. Soon I’m going to open up reviews for others. I just have to put some kind of Guidelines together for people to be able to do it.

  3. Roswell was a hoax is deconstructed by Douglas D Dietrich
    Our own government created in 1918 flu and perfected it now in the H7N9 and strain
    I suppose chickens could be aliens ?
    Why do they cross the street ?

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