Sep 122016

This week we host a round table discussion with old show friend Jeff Ritzmann and Seriah Azkath of where did the road go. We discuss my idea of the paranormal and the blind and then branch off into a wide range of strange topics. Note: We continue our conversation on Seriahs “Where did the road go” podcast.

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Sep 062016

This week Greg Bishop from Radio Misterioso is with us in a marathon session. We talk about his book “It Defies Language”. We also look back over the years of Greg investigating the weird, How he started the Excluded Middle magazine, how Disinformation is used, some of the people he has met over the years and a wide variety of other strange topics.

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Buy Gregs Books: ( click on the books to purchase.)




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Aug 212016

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Welcome to episode 200. 5 years and over 200+ hours of audio, Its been one Hell of a ride! For our 200th show we decided to finally give Stan Friedman a call. We take a humorous look back at his years in the business of canceled Government projects and stranger encounters in the world of UFOlogy. This is not your normal interview with Stan, Very little talk of MJ12, Roswell or Alien abductions. We dig for those rare stories that he seldom gets to tell.


Links for the show:


SCIENCE WAS WRONG by Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden

UFOs and Aliens: Is there anybody out there?

FLYING SAUCERS & SCIENCE by Stanton Friedman

CAPTURED! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience

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Aug 142016

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Our guest this week is author Calandra Usher.  Calandra Usher, or Cali as she prefers to be called is the author of the Urban Paranormal Fantasy Romance Series, The Gospels of Cal’eia. Cali has Synesthesia! Synesthesia is defined as “A neurological phenomenon in which stimulation of one sensory or cognitive pathway leads to automatic, involuntary experiences in a second sensory or cognitive pathway. People who report a lifelong history of such experiences are known as synesthetes. In short, Cali tastes shapes, taste is a three dimensional construct in her mind, Colors have shapes and people radiate colors. Cali is with us the week to describe what life is like for her, how her senses work and tries to give us a glimpse into what her reality is like.   Links for where to find Calis books can be found on the web page for this episode.



Calis Web Sight And Where To Purchase Her Books.

Home Of The Riders

The Book of Dean (The Gospels of Cal’eia) (Volume 1) on Amazon 

Closing Music:

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Aug 082016

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This week we are joined by show listener Shelly Johnson. Several months ago Shelly contacted me with a idea for a show involving things to do with the dead and mortally challenged. I said sure, if she was willing to do some of the research and help find the content, we could give it a go. Turns out Shelly is quite the connoisseur of weird news in regards to those that have moved on and a natural at Podcasting as well.

In this episode we take a look at people who have funerals without the coffin, The strangest places remains can be found in the U.S. The T.S.A approves having a mummified as a carry on luggage, Pope Formosus dead body was forced to testify in court, Ines, the crowned dead queen of Portugal, Necrophilia and Philip The Handsome, Dead Bishop Braybrooke’s mysterious disappearing penis, Dead Hortense Mancini’s grand tour of Europe by her husbands side, Olympic Mixed marshal arts for the dead, The Eccentric Mr Martin Van Butchell, That legend of the Nazi human skin lamp shades, Oh, and Shelly tells up about the time she fainted face first into a corpse.. Fun with leftovers folks!!

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Here’s a Picture of Shelly.. This wasn’t the picture she wanted me to use but we did it anyways.



This party’s dead! Daughters throw bizarre ‘party funeral’ for mother including her own body propped up at a table under a disco ball with a cigarette and whiskey in hand

Now that’s resting in peace! Dead Puerto Rican man is propped up in a chair holding a cigarette with his eyes OPEN at his own funeral 

The Eccentric Mr. Martin Van Butchell

The strangest places human remains can be found in the U.S.


TSA approves having a mummified head as your carry-on luggage, with reservations

Human Lampshade: A Holocaust Mystery


Closing Music from the show :

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Aug 042016

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This is a compilation of three phone calls to the National UFO Reporting Center. The calls were placed on  11.01.1975 from Spokane WA. Two ladies set out to buy milk in a 1967 Mustang  and have a encounter  with a strange Object. This has it all, Spatial distortion, missing time even Airplanes that chase it away..

Links from the Show:



Music from the show :

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Jul 282016

In this episode we listen to a variety of phone calls placed to the National UFO reporting center. These calls deal exclusively with people who were chased by UFO’s while driving in their cars. The calls range from the mid 70’s to the late 80’s and deal with people from all walks of life. From Military and police officials to housewives and farmers.99.2 KB album artwork_1400x1400



The National UFO Reporting Center. 



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Jul 242016

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This week Jim McDonald, Tech, Artificial Intelligence, Religion and how they all relate to one another. What will artificial intelligence be like and will it worship god? How might it view us? Another trip down the rabbit hole of whats coming next..


When not trying to get the strange ideas that float around in his head out in text, Jim lives in the central Carolinas with his wife, three dogs, and the occasional fish. When not clicking away on a laptop pretending to be the monkey writing Shakespeare, he is usually behind a different laptop adding to the twenty plus years on technology projects or playing with glass in fire.





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Jul 192016

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This week we finally manage to nail down Bret and Harley from the Travel Oddities Podcast and things go way way off the rails. Plane and simple, Bret has no filter. We try to discuss what Travel oddities is, Something about hot dog stands..Odd places, Popobawa and the Tokoloshe, We pretty much go all over the place.. We’re still not 100% sure what happened here.

TravelOddities is a website and podcast devoted to the exploration of weird places, occult destinations, unexplainable locations, paranormal adventures, the abodes of ghosts and the lairs of monsters. From the largest ball of twine to the stairways to the divine. On our podcast we talk about towns that are home to …. Sasquatch Wendigo Mothman Dover Demon Ghosts Ghouls El Chupacabra Champ Thunderbird Jersey Devil Honey Island Swamp Monster Ogopogo Ozark Howler Aliens Skinwalkers Werewolves Vampires Witches The Old Hag Black Eyed Children Lake Monsters New World Order Conspiracies


Find The Travel Oddities Podcast At The Link Bellow:



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Jul 052016

Episode 193 2016 Florida Special (now with 30% more WTF? that’s 0.5% more then the leading brand! )

It’s our annual look at all weird news Florida! Chuck Brewer From the Wheel Nerds Podcast joins us this week as we dig deep to find only the dumbest news that Florida can provide ( Some of it may actually be real news stories!) . This one’s rough folks!  Lots of Gator stories, People attacking people with swords and axe’s, A lady covered in wing sauce, Swan punching, Breast milk soap, Reptilians Drive KIA’s!!, A man having sex with a tree. A man having sex with a gator, a woman having sex with a gator, a man having sex with goats, A guy with a handcuff key in his rectum, Redneck rampage over a broken cooler, And  a man dies from a upper cut from Batman..

3 stooges

Show links:

Florida Man Claims Spotting Reptilian Humanoid inside Vehicle, Takes Pictures

Florida man dies in meth-lab explosion after lighting farts on fire

Florida Man Gets In Fight Over Broken Cooler At Redneck Mud Park, Runs Over Guy’s Tent On His ATV

Florida man attacks flea market clerk with samurai sword, beats 82-year-old man with pole, blames ‘poltergeist’

Florida man who threw alligator into restaurant gets probation

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