Sep 042015

This week we take a step back to our Paranormal Historical roots and take a look at the ghosts of those who gave all.  We go to listverse for a look at 10 Menacing Military Ghosts, Arthur Mechans “The Bowman”  A native American legend about a Brave saved by a spirit and many more historical military hauntings.


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Aug 222015

The 2015 Florida special

As summer of 2015 begins to wind down Project Archivist  takes our yearly look at the weirdest news coming out of Florida, The sunshine state. This episode we are joined by Chuck from the Wheelnerds podcast and much hilarity and salt language ensues.  Some of the topics in this episode, A Florida dad takes his 16 year old daughter to a stripper club, Bear drags Florida woman from garage by the head!, Florida woman repeatedly calls 911 about how good her sandwich was, Intruders use holograms to abduct Florida man’s wife, Man dances on roof of car to protect children from vampires, McDonalds milkshake road rage, Unlicensed plastic surgeon leaves man with 1 inch mutilated penis and much much more.

Some links from the show:

A Florida Dad Took His 16-Year-Old Daughter to a Strip Club and Let Her Snort Cocaine

Bear drags Florida woman from garage


 Florida man tells police his wife was abducted by intruders using holograms

Florida man dances on patrol car to protect children from vampires

Inside the tiny town built for sex offenders: The spiritual ‘safe haven’ in Florida where 200 criminals and their relatives live side-by-side

Man named Phuc Kieu tries to ‘sexually assault, rob’ passerby

‘My Little Pony’ sexually arouses child-porn suspect, report says


‘I did unmentionables to a stuffed animal’: Florida man, 19, charged with performing lewd act on a TOY HORSE at Walmart

Unlicensed Florida plastic surgeon faces charges for leaving patient with 1-inch, ‘mutilated’ penis

Potato salad thrower popped in nail salon shenanigans

The Wheelnerds Podcast can be found at: Click Banner below.


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Aug 152015

Episode 156 Daniel Harms The Book of Oberon : A Sourcebook of Elizabethan Magic

In this week show Daniel Harms rejoins us to talk about The Book Of Oberon.  A meticulous transcription and translation of a sixteenth-century manuscript acquired by the esteemed Folger Shakespeare Library. Unlike the more theoretical magic books of the era, this collection of spells, secrets, and summonings was compiled gradually by unknown authors for working practical magic. The Book of Oberon includes rituals for summoning a long list of spirits and faeries (including Oberion, Fairy King and close relation to Shakespeare’s Oberon); original drawings; common prescriptions used by cunning folk; instructions for dealing with Goetic demons that were censored in other texts; one of the oldest known copies of the magical manual The Enchiridion; and much more.


Daniel Harms (New York) holds master’s degrees in anthropology and library and information science. He has been published in the Journal for the Academic Study of Magic and the Journal of Scholarly Publishing, and has authored books on horror fiction and folklore.


Purchase the book of Oberon At Amazon. Click link Below

The Book of Oberon: A Sourcebook of Elizabethan Magic


Purchase the Long Lost Friend. Click Link Below

The Long-Lost Friend: A 19th Century American Grimoire


Praise for Daniel Harms – The Long-Lost Friend


“Each time (Holman) prints a spell ‘which has effected many a cure where doctors could not help,’ he keeps readers believing in their own powers, encouraging them to be self-reliant … even when there may be a professional around.”—The Smartest Set (Drexel University)



“… its influence on the magickal traditions of the United States (and beyond) is immense…the recent release of the Harms edition…will help to awaken interest in this curious and vital piece of Occult Americana.”—



“An invaluable resource, this reproduction is a ‘must-have’ for anyone interested in America’s folk-magick past, with much gratitude owed Mr. Harms and Llewellyn for making this vital work available and accessible.”—


“It’s a surprisingly stuffed text with a tremendous amount of folkloric value, and if you have interest in American folk magic at all I highly recommend it.”—New World Witchery



“It’s an attractive edition, and the pragmatic nature of the contents might be an eye-opener for anyone whose ideas of historical magic have been influenced by the wizards and necromancers of popular fiction.”—



Aug 062015

Episode 155 Fast Food Freak outs and other Happy Meal Toys

Welcome back from our summer hiatus. Back fresh from vacation, Roe and Lobo jump straight into the world everything weird to do with fast food. A Whitecastle employee eats a girls face off, Cops hate burritos, Cant get it your way? Just start a fight a gangf fight or call 911, McDonalds will make you assume your ultimate form , poo on yourself and give you a Mix tape, Taco…Bell knife fights and hot sauce for sale on Ebay and what’s really in that Taco meat?, Burning tree’s for the KFC , Ordering donuts with a sword, Chik-Fil-A birds attacking customers and shooting off in the bathroom and Spouse abuse with a McChicken sandwich.. Plus Roejen reveals the McGangbang sandwich.

Links from the show:

A KFC Employee Set Some Trees On Fire After He Thought He Was Fired

Burger King Brawl erupts in Charlotte NC

McDonald’s customer punched policeman then got naked in cell and smeared himself with poo

Florida deputy charged in Taco Bell road rage case involving a gun and a burrito

In-N-Out Burger Flipper Disables Car, Attempts to Murder Boss in Parking Lot

Man Arrested After Using McChicken Sandwich to Assault Wife

Man Goes Taco Loco & Allegedly Drives Through Taco Bell Window

Massachusetts man calls police to complain of McDonald’s order

McDonalds Employee fired for placing his Mixtapes in Happy Meals


Ohio man accidentally shot himself in Chick-fil-A while pulling up his pants: cops 

Sword-wielding man robs Dunkin’ Donuts


Jul 222015


Welcome back everyone. This week its just Lobo and Roe covering the weirdness.  This weeks show, Gays Are Lacing Fireworks with Homosexual Chemtrails, ‘Vampires’ keep doctors in the dark for fear of stereotyping- study, Black Chicago Men Start KKK Chapter, Cite Declining Culture, Creator of Pink Plastic Lawn Flamingo Donald Featherstone Dies at 79, Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Dies At 55, San Francisco techies hiring Wiccan witch to protect computers from viruses, Miner Says Foreman Painted His Testicles white, Public Masturbation Legal In Sweden- Self-Pleasure On The Beach Is ‘OK,’ Lawyer Says, Diner Expects ‘Jesus’ To Pay Buffet Bill.

Show Links:

Black Chicago Men Start KKK Chapter, Cite Declining Culture

Creator of Pink Plastic Lawn Flamingo Donald Featherstone Dies at 79 – NBC News

Diner Expects ‘Jesus’ To Pay Buffet Bill- Police

Gays Are Lacing Fireworks with Homosexual Chemtrails – Liberal Darkness

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Dies At 55

Public Masturbation Legal In Sweden- Self-Pleasure On The Beach Is ‘OK,’ Lawyer Says

San Francisco techies hiring Wiccan witch to protect computers from viruses – Business Insider

‘Vampires’ keep doctors in the dark for fear of stereotyping- study – Yahoo News CompNewsNetwork – Miner Says Foreman Painted His Testicles

Music from the Show:

Jul 192015

Welcome back everyone. For this weeks show we have Alex from the Alexx cast on to talk about Queen Elizabeth the 1’st very own mage, Dr John Dee.  Dr John Dee’s story is very vast and we only scratch the surface of his deep history.  But we still manage to cover the stranger aspects of his life ranging from his work as a Alchemist, Occultist, Philosopher, Divinationist, and summoner of angels.  We also take a breif look at Alchemy, Hermetic Philosophy and Dee’s Enochian magical system.



Find More information about Dr John Dee at :




The Alexxcast, a comedic podcast based out of Portland, OR. I, and my rotating cast of guests, discuss forteana, books, mysticism, booze, metaphysics, spirituality, movies, writing and other random nonsense. This is the single greatest podcast in the history of Alexx-based podcasts.

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Jun 282015


For this week’s show we are joined by returning guest and fan favorite Ted Roe.

In this show we discuss the history of China’s Shaolin monks.  We look at when and where the first Shaolin temple was established, The first Shaolin master, Bodhidharma,The Buddhist idea’s that Shaolin draw from and how Shaolin training works to reach enlightenment. We also venture into notable members of Shaolin history and the role of Shaolin, Shaolin folklore, notable historical members of Shaolins past and the role of Shaolin today.

Ted Roe is the Executive Director of NARCAP ( The National Aviation Reporting Center on Anomalous Phenomena), Photographer for National Geographic, A free diving instructor, A sword master and Sensei for his Dojo. Teds martial arts resume is far greater then I feel like posting here but rest assured, he is the modern day monk/Jedi of our time. Ted currently resides in Hawaii were he can be found meditating under his tree in Kona and communing with the volcano on a spiritual level.


Jun 142015

In this episode,. Roejen deals with lack of sleep and two toothaches from hell. We fall back into he “ramble cast” and go all over the place, Italian Eels hooked on Cocaine, Cardboard bank robber holds off S.W.A.T teams for hours, French woman selling magic cheese, The return of Crystal Pepsi and Surge, Canadian bus Driver assaulted by urine and vomit, The “Jared diet has failed me! So I’ll knock off a Subway!, Macaroni trail to Justice!! Londons Batman and other less then super heroes. More Biblical Jack ass and finally, in light of Rachel Dolezal’s “self identifying as a black woman” and Bruce Jenner now self identifying as a woman, And Pluto self identifying as a planet….. Roejen decides to self identify as ” A planet Jupiter”.

Links and Show notes.

Are Italian Eels Coke Addicted Fiends?

Cardboard Bank Robber Holds Off SWAT for Hours

Cops Follow Trail Of Macaroni Salad Straight To Robbery Suspects

Crazy teen blames failed ‘Jared Diet’ for going on Subway robbery spree

The ’90s are back: Crystal Pepsi is making a comeback

A 74-year-old woman is standing trial for allegedly orchestrating a $15 million ‘magic cheese’ scam

‘Surge’ sells out after Internet fans make Coke bring it back

Victoria bus driver assaulted with urine, vomit while on the job

Woman calls bullsh*t on pastor’s claims that he raised her brother from the dead during church service

Crazy man in the U.K. wears Batman-like costume, actually saves two people from being mugged

10 Outrageous Real Life Superheroes


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Jun 072015


In this episode of Stasis ,Roejen takes a look at the strange phenomenon of Tinfoil Hats


Show links:

A Brief Cultural History of the Tin Foil Hat

The True Origin Of The ‘Tin Foil Hat’ And Why It’s The Stupidest Thing To Wear If You’re Paranoid About The Government

The History Of The Tin Foil Hat

Tin Foil Hats Actually Make it Easier for the Government to Track Your Thoughts

High-tech sound will be all in your head

The league of lady conspiracists in collaboration with DogHorse, Miss Prism and myself, present an educational film about how to avoid the threat of mind control.

“The Tissue-Culture King,” Julian Huxley, 1927

Julian Huxley

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May 312015

Episode 150 Getting Roasted By Tim Binnall


Welcome back for episode 150. This week Tim Binnall of Binnall of America joins us to generally make us miserable and give us as much crap as possible. We talk The Roswell slides, Roejens UFO sighting, How to talk to a UFO,  Scepticism, Stan Friedman,weird news, weird people we have dealt with, We’re never wrong… No life sentences in Sweden, and why we do what we do.


Find Binnall Of America at




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