Mar 292015

TJ Stewart And The Return of the 13 Skulls Podcast

This week we are joined by TJ of the 13 Skulls. The 13 Skulls podcast is returning from a two year hiatus and TJ joins us to talk about his return to podcasting. We chat about podcasting, parenting and cover a few stories with the return of Biblical Jackass.  Long time listeners of our show know how huge of a influence TJ has had on us and our show and it was a pleasure to speak with our old friend again.




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Mar 162015

Episode 144, Crypto Currency with Hiroja Shibe and Ozone Joe

In this week’s show We have guests Hiroja Shibe from the Musings of the Shibe Podcast and good friend of the show , Joe from the Ozone Nightmare and Ozone late night podcasts. We speak with Hiroja and Joe about all things Crypto Currency. The Rise of Crypto coin, It’s safety and security and how to buy it and what it means to the future. Do to a Skype recording mishap, we unfortunately only recorded a hour of the show but what we did record was really good. Expect Shibe to return to our podcast soon.


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Mar 112015

No guests in this weeks show do to computer issues. Its just Lobo and Roe kicking it old school like back in the day. This week we take a break from interviews to take a look at weird medical remedies. We cover everything from drinking your own urine to “mouse paste” to leeches, maggots and farts in a jar. A weird look at some of the strangest medical remedies we could find.

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Mar 022015

Roejen once again made a appearance on the Ozone late night Podcast as a guest host. In this episode Joe,  Roejen and guest Pual Carr chat about  Isaac Asimov, H3, Rosetta, and manned space exploration. Paul Carr is the host of the Wow signal podcast with a awesome Resume.

“Paul is a spacecraft systems engineer of more than 30 years experience and lives in the Washington D.C. suburbs. You can follow Paul on Twitter @PaulDCarr, or on reddit as /u/Crimfants


Ozone Late night

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Feb 282015

Hear a very rare solo interview with our own Lobo Matias at “The Experience” with Jeremy Vaeni.


The High Strangeness of Santeria

Do people who invoke highly strange experiences through religious ritual and magic count as experiencers? Are phenomena the same for those who invite these things into their lives as those who do not? We tackle these issues with one half of the Project Archivist team, Lobo, who practices his own version of Santeria, as taught to him by his grandfather and two spirit guides who comes in the form of animals.

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Feb 222015

Episode 142 “Get Religion!”

In this episode we take a look at three alternative religions. In part one we speak with Reverend Ivan Stang of the Church of the Subgenus as he explains who J.R. “Bob” Dobbs is and what slack can do for you. In part two, We speak with Rev Gary Silvia from the Church of the later day dude. Rev Gary joins us to teach us about Dudeism and how to abide. In part three we speak with Coincidence Control Networks Frater Isla to learn about the Sons of Batman. A “Magical order dedicated to the spiritual model provided by the world’s greatest urban shaman: The Batman.”




 The Good Rev Ivan Stang





The Good Rev Gary Salvia 




Head Magus “Josh” Frater Isla 


Feb 142015

In part two of our interview with Dr. Saab we talk about the one year anniversary of Lobo’s near death. We look at what is going on in the brain during a near death experience, what happens when we dream and we ask the question, what is consciousness.



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Feb 082015

Episode 140  Dr. Bechara Saab -Brain Hacking and going to Mars

In this episode we are joined by Mars one round two candidate and neurologist Dr. Bechara Saab. Dr. Saab is the Principal Investigator at the University Hospital for Psychiatry in Zurich Switzerland.

In part one of this show, we talk to Dr.Saab about his cutting edge research into controlling behavioral patterns in mice through neurological stimulation. We look at how this effects memories, curiosity and what possibility it could hold for humans in the future.

We then speak about going to Mars. Dr.Saab talks about how this will affect his life and his research, how soon this will happen and some of the issues that need to be addressed before mankind can make its next leap off Earth.


Where Dr. Saab can be found at

Hypothesis Journal

Jan 202015

This week, we are joined by esoteric researcher and writer  David Metcalfe to talk about Mexico’s folk saint, Santa Muerte.  Santa Muerte (Spanish for Saint Death), is a female folk saint venerated primarily in Mexico and the South western United States. A personification of death, she is associated with healing, protection, and safe delivery to the afterlife by her devotees.

Often viewed as “The Patron Saint of the drug war” for being worshiped by drug dealers and the criminal underworld, Santa Muerte is also worshiped by the poor, downtrodden and persecuted.

Info about Santa Muerte: Santa Muerte on Wikipedia 








Jan 112015

In this weeks show we have the return of Joseph Matheny. Joe joins us to talk about the crazy legend of Time traveler John Titor, The finders cult, (R)emnanats Flipboard online magazine, Anonymous and Alternate reality games.

Joseph Wayne Matheny  is an American writer and transmedia artist who has created works using alternate reality gaming and trans-media storytelling methods. He holds patents for prediction, recommendation and behavioral analysis algorithms and software design. He is a published author of screenplays, white papers, technology, sci-fi, marketing and gaming books. He currently resides in Los Angeles, CA. He is probably best known for the avant-garde work, Ong’s Hat, which has been called the proto-Alternate Reality Game by academia, the mainstream and alternative media and Ong’s Hat is often cited as the first ARGs on many List of alternate reality games.


John Titors Time Machine


The IBM 1500 ( Note: I have edited this post 3 times and the stupid thing will not change the computer image!! If its the wrong one I apologize)


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(R)emnants Magazine 

The Gamecaller at 

Ong’s Hat

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