This week we do our promised show on Florida. over that last 7 months we have collected a variety of strange news and 911 calls pertaining to the “Sunshine State” . This was a bit of a rushed show and I expect us to do a follow up later on this year as Florida does not to seem to show any signs of letting go of its strangeness.

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This week we are joined by show listener Melissa Ede.  Melissa is a transgender Mars one finalist for the first one way trip to Mars. She joins us this week to talk about what its like being in the running for the journey, The media controversy around her gender, Loving the haters, Driving a cab and what its like knowing its a one way trip to the red plant. This is one of the wildest interviews we have ever done.




This show really isnt about anything important in particular,  Just a short piece about a run in with a Homeless street prophet in Flint Michigan at four in the morning.


This week we are joined by comic book sculptor  and good friend of the show Jean St Jean. Jean joins us to talk about his new line of Cryptozoological toys, Big Foot folklore and Skepticism. Do to Skype issues, we lost the first half hour of the show and at times the audio is a bit rough at first but it’s still a fun show.




Jeans Appearance on Ozone Late night:

Jeans Deviant Art Page

The Creature Replica Toy Line:




Episode 122 Jason Offutt, Time travelers, De Lorean’s and Crotch Grabbing Time Machines!!!

This week we finally get Jason Offutt on the show. Jason joins us this week to talk about his research into the topic of time travel. We discuss Michael “Mad Man” Marcum. We talk about Jason’s very own time from Steven Gibbs, the “Hyper Dimensional Resonator”.  Then we chat about varies other reputed time travelers.

Info on Jason Offutt:

Jason’s Article on Mysterious Universe:

Mike “Mad Man” Marcum on Coast To Coast


Want a De Lorean? Yes you can still get one!

Want your very own time machine? yes you can get one of those too!!



10 people who claim to be Time Travelers:




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Aloha, aliens: Landing pad for extra terrestrials in Kalapana

If all goes as planned, E.T. may soon be calling Puna home.

A UFO landing pad and star visitor sanctuary is set to be dedicated Friday on land accreted by the 1983 lava flow fronting Uncle Robert’s Kawa Bar in Kalapana.

The 4 p.m. cleansing, purifying and dedication of an 80-foot diameter landing pad naturally formed by the lava on 500 new acres kicks off a three-day Native Hawaiian sustainability conference. The conference, which is being separately organized from the star visitor event, includes Hawaiian music and sessions on sustainability from a range of Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian speakers.

The Hawaii Star Visitor Sanctuary will be the second piece of land officially dedicated for the purpose of inviting extraterrestrial visitors to land and

to promote peaceful relations with them, according to information provided by the Exopolitics Institute News Service.

The first landing pad was dedicated in 1967 in the city of St Paul in the Canadian province of Alberta, the news service said in a May 31 article.

“It’s potentially controversial,” acknowledged Garry Hoffeld, Big Island coordinator for the reinstated Kingdom of Hawaii and assistant to Hawaiian Nobel Robert Keliihoomalu, owner of Uncle Robert’s. “It’s potentially funny to some people, potentially stupid to some people.”

“We’re not crazy; we’re open-minded,” Hoffeld added.

The ceremony will include a traditional Hawaiian blessing, followed by the creation of an ahu, or Hawaiian marker, made by stacking stones and other items such as crystals that members of the public bring to the ceremony. A plaque designating the area will also be installed at the site, Hoffeld said.

The Star Visitor Sanctuary is being created with assistance from Michael Salla, an author and UFO commentator whose books include “Exopolitics: Political Implications of the Extraterrestrial Presence.”

Hoffeld said Keliihoomalu met Salla after Salla moved from West Hawaii to Kalapana, and the two hit it off.

“Uncle Robert calls (extraterrestrials) our space brothers and sisters,” Hoffeld said.

Officials of the reinstated Hawaiian Kingdom signed a declaration May 28 noting that native legend has it that the constellation of Pleiades or Seven Sisters is the place from which the first Hawaiian people came to Earth. The declaration claims the new lava land for the kingdom and invites star visitors to land and establish diplomatic relations with the Hawaiian government.

The sustainability conference, known as Hoohana, for purposeful work, is a free event that follows the blessing ceremony. There will be two stages, food vendors, speakers and exhibits about sustainability from a Hawaiian perspective, said organizer Karen O’Brien.

Food vendors will be on-site, and families can also bring their own food throughout the event. The conference runs until 10 p.m. Friday, then from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. June 28. There will be a sunrise ceremony at 5:15 a.m. June 29 on the lava field, followed by a 10 a.m. church service and awa ceremony and a 1:30 p.m. farmers panel. The event wraps up at 4 p.m.

In addition to agriculture, conference topics include energy, economics, healing, native plants and other sustainability issues from a Hawaiian perspective, O’Brien said. Presenters include Kumu Dane Kaohelani Silva of Hale Lomilomi o Kekaimalino, Graham Ellis of HSCA, HICCUP &SPACE, Kristine Kubat of Recycle Hawaii and Sen. Russell Ruderman, owner of Island Naturals Markets, she said.

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“A pastor and his assistant who used heated stones to burn the body of a nine-year-old boy at Mankessim in the Central Region under the pretext of exorcising a demonic spirit out of him have been sentenced to a 15-year jail term each with hard labor.”


New creationism museum says Noah brought baby dinosaurs aboard the ark

“We want to show a lot of science that’s being censored and not presented to the public,” the museum’s executive director, Doug Bennett, told the Idaho Statesman. “Show both a biblical perspective and a naturalistic perspective on items, on fossils, on ancient technology, on that sort of thing.”



Welcome back for part two of our look at Axe Murderers. We complete our look at Lizzie Borden. Next we venture off into darker territories for a look at The Axeman of New Orleans and more.

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