Oct 232016

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This week returning guest Aaron Dabbah  from EsoterX joins us to talk a wide ranging variety of topics. We cover the fact that the paranormal world has no respect for our personal space, Doppelgangers and Unicorns are jerks, Why Russian countesses are great candidates for spontaneous Human Combustion and how you could be a witch and not know it.


EsoterX is an anthropological investigation of the ontological status of things that go bump in the night.  The fact that monsters may or may not be corporeal is of no consequence, as Charles Baudelaire said, “I consider it useless and tedious to represent that which exists, because nothing that exists satisfies me.  Nature is ugly, and I prefer the monsters of my fancy to what is positively trivial”.  Born in a log cabin behind the Institute for Psychical Research, I am an applied anthropologist by training, inclination, and neurosis, masquerading as a computational linguist and software engineer by day, busy accumulating obscure masters degrees in an attempt to assemble a set of letters after my name that spontaneously result in some sort of gematriac significance.  And I’m convinced the universe is a far weirder place than we like to admit and the only reasonable response is that recommended by Hunter Thompson — “When the going gets weird, turn pro”.


~ If Monsters Don’t Exist, Why Are They Out To Get Me?


EsoterX on YOUTUBE 


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Oct 172016

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As With All Posts In Tylers Corner, Tylers Views Do Not Reflect Those Of The Project Archivist Podcast

Genetic editing future


The Science Business Future Has Arrived

We just got a look at the world to come.  Three-parent babies are a reality; the announcement a few weeks ago the use of a mitochondrial replacement method had resulted in the birth of an apparently healthy a baby boy created a new media sensation (1).  Two weeks later we were informed that two more women are currently carrying babies created with a similar method (2).

The scientific work involved in creating 3-parent babies is amazing, but other parts of these stories are equally interesting and important.  The first baby was created to avoid a deadly disease transmitted by the mother’s faulty mitochondria.  The second babies were constructed to solve infertility problems.  Obviously, the first stages of the experiments have worked as planned.  However, while it is hoped these children will be healthy, we will have to wait to see if any problems emerge in the future.  The uncertainty surrounding the ultimate outcome of the embryo construction methods has generated controversy.  In addition, concerns have been raised over employing 3-parent embryos as an infertility treatment because other measures with fewer unknowns are available.

Who decides whether 3-parent embryo technologies are acceptable for clinical use?  That depends entirely on where the clinic is located.  The United Kingdom has decided some mitochondrial substitution therapies were allowable under regulated situations. In the U.S., any proposals to alter the genetics of human embryos must be reviewed by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  Because of a specific Congressional funding ban (1), it was not possible to get FDA approval and the U.S. group elected to perform the work at an associated facility in Mexico.  The efforts to treat infertility with 3-parent methods were conducted in Ukraine.  The situations have prompted questions over safety and ethical propriety.

This tale of technological leaps and controversy in a crisis atmosphere should sound familiar.  We just went through something similar with the CRISPR editing of genomes.  Within days of a proposed moratorium on editing the human germline (3), a group of Chinese scientists announced they had altered the DNA of non-viable human embryos with this new method and it seemed certain more work would be forthcoming shortly.  Regulations currently governing gene modification of human embryos vary wildly across the world (4).  This diversity strongly suggests ethical issues regarding genetic modification of human embryos will be addressed in many different ways.

Science, like so many other human activities, has become globalized and the implications of this development are enormous.  In addition, how many scientists go about their work has changed as well.  Many researchers at the forefront of the new genetic manipulation technologies are also directly involved with commercial enterprises seeking to profit from their use.  Will the private funders of research and development demand their work heed free market principles?  If some nations impose regulations deemed restrictive, will efforts simply shift to areas of the world where oversight is less strict or nonexistent?  News stories reveal at least one group relocated embryo manipulation operations in response to a static U.S. regulatory approval situation.  The last paragraph of the article by Andy Coghlan (2) offers an absolutely fascinating quotation regarding the potential of 3-parent embryo procedures.  A method originally developed to cure a fatal genetic condition may soon be re-purposed to serve a larger market as a new infertility treatment.  Just like the new genetic manipulation technologies, the science business future seems to have arrived before we were ready.

Tyler A. Kokjohn, Ph.D.

Professor of Microbiology

Midwestern University


(1)   Sara Reardon. Nature, 28 September 2016.  http://www.nature.com/news/three-parent-baby-claim-raises-hopes-and-ethical-concerns-1.20698

(2)   Andy Coghlan, New Scientist, 10 October 2016. https://www.newscientist.com/article/2108549-exclusive-3-parent-baby-method-already-used-for-infertility/

(3)   David Baltimore et al., Science, 19 March 2015. A prudent path forward for genomic engineering and germline gene modification https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4394183/

(4)   Heidi Ledford.  Where in the World Could the First CRISPR Baby be Born?   Nature, 13 October 2015. http://www.nature.com/news/where-in-the-world-could-the-first-crispr-baby-be-born-1.18542


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Oct 172016


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Ben Radford returns this week to talk about his new book “Bad Clowns” those malicious misfits of the midway who terrorize, haunt, and threaten us. We talk about Dip Clowns, Clown Porn, Native American Clowns, Crotchy the masturbating clown and the great clown panic of 2016.

Bens New Book “Bad Clowns” 

Purchase on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Bad-Clowns-Benjamin-Radford/dp/0826356664


Bens Web sight: http://benjaminradford.com/

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Oct 102016

This week, Lobo is out of town and has the week off so I again drag Chuck from Wheel Nerds over to help with co-hosting duties. We talk about Chuck getting bit by a Black widow spider, A guy in Australia who has been bit on the penis by a Black Widow, TWICE! We cover creepy Asian urban legends and a assortment of paranormal motorcycle legends ranging from the headless biker to alien bikers on giant bikes.

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Links from the show:

Crikey! ‘Unluckiest Man in Australia’ Gets 2 Penis Spider Bites in a Year

5 Absolutely Terrifying Urban Legends from Asia

Aliens On Motorcycles Easy Rider Encounter


Ghost Motorcycle

Chilling Photo Shows Human-Shaped “Ghost” Floating Above Scene of Fatal Kentucky Motorcycle Accident


Dane Sturgeon – Ghost Of Bardsley Road



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Oct 032016

This week all things internet and electronics hated us, Random updates, Dropped audio and mishaps galore yet through it all we managed to record a show….. Somehow.. Author Andrew Gable is on the show to talk about his book “The Mystery Animals Of Pennsylvania”

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   “The Mystery Animals of Pennsylvania”

On Amazon: Click here




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Sep 272016

Our annual Fast food craziness show. McDonalds, Arby’s, Sonic, Dairy Queen, Burger King and yes.. The Epic return of Taco…Bell! Ever been so mad at someone you wanted to kill them with a Burrito? We cover it all.  We also look into the phenomena of the cheese pull porn

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Links From The Show:

Armed With A Deadly Burrito

Burrito brandished as weapon, man assaults boy at Taco Bell, say Port St. Lucie police

DIY EDIBLE KFC Nail Polish | EAT Fried Chicken Flavored Nail Polish | Made With Real Fried Chicken!

Florida couple arrested in burrito assault, fork stabbing, deputies say

Free Tacos for U.S. If Mir Hits Floating Taco Bell Ocean Target – Taco Bell sets 40 by 40 foot target in South Pacific for Mir’s Re-Entry

KFC Chicken Eating Contest Cancelled After Entrant Chokes To Death

KFC Is Giving Away Sunscreen That Makes You Smell Like Fried Chicken

KFC launches edible chicken-flavour nail polish

Knife-wielding Santa robs KFC restaurant, police say


Louisiana Dairy Queen worker with herpes caught on camera spitting on cop’s burger 

Man Threatened to ‘Kill Everyone’ After Mexican Eatery Had No Ketchup: NYPD

Masked man robs McDonalds with a large piece of wood

McDonald’s is Finally Getting Walk-Through Windows For Drunk Customers

McDonald’s Green Burger Is A Truly Terrible Idea

McDonald’s customer pays for food with heroin in LaPorte

New weight-loss device lets you eat all you want then drain the food out of your stomach

Police: Man claiming to be from the future steals food from Arby’s

Closing Music for the show :


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Sep 262016

Sight and show went down but we’re back..Praise Bob and Hail Eris..


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Sep 122016

This week we host a round table discussion with old show friend Jeff Ritzmann and Seriah Azkath of where did the road go. We discuss my idea of the paranormal and the blind and then branch off into a wide range of strange topics. Note: We continue our conversation on Seriahs “Where did the road go” podcast.

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Sep 062016

This week Greg Bishop from Radio Misterioso is with us in a marathon session. We talk about his book “It Defies Language”. We also look back over the years of Greg investigating the weird, How he started the Excluded Middle magazine, how Disinformation is used, some of the people he has met over the years and a wide variety of other strange topics.

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Buy Gregs Books: ( click on the books to purchase.)




Closing Music for the show :

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Aug 212016

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99.2 KB album artwork_1400x1400

Welcome to episode 200. 5 years and over 200+ hours of audio, Its been one Hell of a ride! For our 200th show we decided to finally give Stan Friedman a call. We take a humorous look back at his years in the business of canceled Government projects and stranger encounters in the world of UFOlogy. This is not your normal interview with Stan, Very little talk of MJ12, Roswell or Alien abductions. We dig for those rare stories that he seldom gets to tell.


Links for the show:



SCIENCE WAS WRONG by Stanton Friedman and Kathleen Marden

UFOs and Aliens: Is there anybody out there?

FLYING SAUCERS & SCIENCE by Stanton Friedman

CAPTURED! The Betty and Barney Hill UFO Experience

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